How we grow our snack tomatoes

We are the leading expert in snack tomatoes. Every day, our employees grow and package healthy snack tomatoes in a range of cheerful colours. We want our healthy vegetables to contribute to a healthier lifestyle for young and old alike. We grow with an eye to people and the planet. Growing sustainable, organic, and delicious tomatoes is our mission. We grow orange snack tomatoes, red snack tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, and mini Kumato tomatoes, among other vegetables.

Onze snoeptomaatjes

How do our snack tomatoes grow?

From seeds to snacks. We use the best tomato seeds to grow our healthy snack tomatoes. Our bumblebees pollinate the flowers in the same way nature intended. Once the tomatoes have developed a lovely colour, they are picked by hand and packaged in our gardens for our clients, which include supermarkets, retailers, and specialty greengrocers’ shops.

Growth process

Organic crop protection

One of our objectives is to produce the healthiest and tastiest snack tomatoes. To do so, we use organic crop protection as much as possible. We’re proud of the many international environment certificates we’ve received so far.


Nutrients and water management

Each tomato plant has its own trickler to ensure that it receives the right amount of nutrient-rich water. This water is a mixture of rainwater, osmosis water, and decontaminated drain water. Fertilizer is added to the water if necessary. We have managed to reduce our water waste to a minimum and strive to keep this process as sustainable as possible.


Sustainable energy

We use geothermal energy and combined heat and power generation to grow our snack tomatoes as sustainably as possible. As a result, we use far less fossil fuel than traditionally grown snack tomatoes. Geothermal energy is an environmentally friendly way to generate the heat needed for growing our tomato plants.


Delicious and sustainably grown snack tomatoes

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