From seeds to snacks

From seeds to snacks. We use the best tomato seeds to grow our healthy snack tomatoes. Our bumblebees pollinate the flowers in the same way nature intended. Once the tomatoes have developed a lovely colour, they are picked by hand and packaged in our gardens for our clients, which include supermarkets, retail chains, and specialty greengrocers’ shops.

The tomato seeds are bred at the seed house.

The seed house allows us to cultivate identical plants that grow the tastiest snack and cherry tomatoes.

The tomato seed is then planted in the plant nursery, which creates the perfect circumstances for the young tomato plant to grow.

The plants come to our company eight weeks after being sown. Here, they are placed in a growth medium to help them grow roots and get bigger. The greenhouse is heated when it’s too cold and windows are opened when it’s too warm. This helps to create an optimum climate for the tomato plant to grow and thrive.

To ensure the optimum growth and flavour of the snack tomatoes, we remove any dead or excess leaves, then trellis each plant, remove any spider beetles, and harvest the tomatoes by hand.

Snack tomatoes are picked by hand

How we grow our snack tomatoes:

  1. The seeds are bred to our specifications
  2. The seeds are grown as tomato plants
  3. Eight weeks later the tomato plants are moved to the greenhouse
  4. Tomato plants grow in an ideal climate
  5. Various crop handling techniques ensure proper care
  6. The snack tomatoes are harvested by hand

Our bumblebees pollinate the flowers

Several weeks after the seeds are planted, they develop bulbs with flowers. The plant creates a new bulb roughly every week. The flowers are pollinated by the bumblebees, which creates tomatoes. After pollination, it takes six to seven weeks for the tomatoes to grow and start to colour. Once the tomatoes are bright red, orange, yellow, or brown, they are harvested by hand. Brightly coloured tomatoes have the best flavour.

Organic crop protection

Clean and safely packaged

The harvested snack tomatoes are packaged at our packaging site. Snack tomatoes can be eaten immediately. They make an excellent snack and also taste great in salads. We offer various packaging options that can be fully tailored to the client’s needs. Many of our clients are buyers for supermarkets, retailers, or specialist greengrocer’s shops.


Recipes for snack tomatoes and cherry tomatoes

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