Organic crop protection

One of the objectives at Vitensa is to produce the healthiest and tastiest snack tomatoes. We use organic crop protection as much as possible as it’s better for flavour and for people and the planet.

Our bumblebees pollinate the flowers

Pollination is also an organic process and bumblebee hives are placed in the greenhouse each week. The bumblebees fly from flower to flower, thereby pollinating the plants. After pollination, it takes six to seven weeks for the tomatoes to grow and start to colour. Once the tomatoes are bright red, orange, yellow, or brown, they are harvested by hand. Brightly coloured tomatoes have the best flavour.

'It doesn't get more environmentally friendly than this'

Continuously searching for unwanted insects allows us to respond quickly and efficiently when these are detected. If an unwanted intruder is found, beneficial insects are introduced to the specific spot to combat them. In addition, biological beneficials are introduced early in the year to quickly build their population.

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'Our snack tomatoes are given the best nutrition'

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