Snack tomatoes for the retail sector

Fortunately, today’s consumers want to know where their food comes from and expect a healthy, fair, and natural product. During the growing period, we work with as many natural conditions as possible and only harvest the tomatoes once they’re ripe and flavourful.

Clean and safe product

We work in accordance with international food safety standards when growing and packaging our tomatoes. By adhering to these norms, we can ensure that our clients and consumers receive a clean and safe product. We are audited several times a year to determine whether we still meet the requirements.

Custom packaging


Vitensa has been awarded the following certificates:

  • BRC Global Standard-Food inspection protocol used by British retailers
  • Global G.A.P European guideline for agricultural products
  • IFS inspection protocol used by German retailers
  • QS demonstrably clean and hygienic product
  • RIK internal quality control regulation
  • Tesco Nurture Tesco’s quality system
  • Groen Label Kas environment and energy certificate
  • GRASP social policy and good employment practices
  • Albert Heijn protocol controlling potential residues of crop protection products

Snack tomatoes in assorted packages

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