Mother Nature's treats

We are the leading expert in snack tomatoes. Every day, our employees grow and package healthy snack tomatoes in a range of cheerful colours. We want our healthy snack vegetables to contribute to a more conscious lifestyle for everyone. Our mission is to grow the tastiest tomatoes in the most sustainable way possible. Examples of Mother Nature’s treats include orange snack tomatoes, red snack tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, and mini Kumato tomatoes.

Orange snack tomatoes

Sweet and juicy

These orange snack tomatoes have an oval shape and firm flesh. They are a delicious sweet and healthy treat. Our orange snack tomatoes are available in several packages and offer a healthy alternative to supermarket sweets. You can never get enough of these orange snack tomatoes.

Red snack tomatoes

Slightly sweet and juicy

These red miniature plum tomatoes have an oval shape and firm flesh. They're the undisputed gems of the snack tomatoes. Wonderfully sweet, they taste great as a snack or in a salad. Even the little ones will love this sweet and natural treat. Make sure to cut the tomatoes in half before serving to small children. Enjoy or delicious red snack tomatoes.

Mini Kumato

Spicy and extra sweet

Our mini Kumato tomatoes have a striking reddish-brown colour. They are perfectly shaped and have a lovely shine. The flavour is extra sweet and slightly spicy. A colourful addition to any salad or oven dish. Our mini Kumato tomatoes make an excellent appetizer, especially when combined with mozzarella and basil. The mini Kumato tomatoes are available in a range of supermarket packages.

Yellow cherry tomatoes

Fresh and slightly sweet

These little cherry-shaped tomatoes have a beautiful yellow colour. The fresh and slightly sweet flavour makes them perfect for a salad with other fruit vegetables or as a snack on its own. A colourful addition to any salad. These yellow cherry tomatoes are available in convenient snack packs, combined with other snack tomatoes.

'Our snack tomatoes are now proven to be grown using more environmentally friendly methods.'

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