We are Vitensa, the leading expert in snack tomatoes. Every day, our employees grow and package healthy snack tomatoes in a range of cheerful colours. We want our healthy snack vegetables to contribute to a more conscious lifestyle for young and old alike. Our foremost task is to grow the tastiest snack tomatoes in the most sustainable way, which are then packaged immediately at our cultivation site.

Tomato growers at heart

Growing tomatoes is our passion and we’ve been doing it since we could ride a bike. Both Dennis and Robin are the sons of tomato growers and inherited the art of cultivation. Tomato growing is a top sport and we are committed to staying ahead in the ever-changing landscape of vegetable cultivation. We have therefore opted for sustainable growing practices, with a focus on people and the planet.

Our history

Naturally delicious

Tomatoes are a natural product. We strive to create a natural balance in our greenhouses to stay as close to nature as possible – and you can taste it in our products.

People and planet

Continued innovation

If you’ve spent years trying to be the best in your field, it’s important to move with the times. New varieties, new techniques, and new insights pave the way for the future. A good example of this innovation is the geothermal energy we use to grow our tomatoes, which allows us to grow the most sustainable snack tomatoes in the Netherlands.

Geothermal energy

Everything under one roof

We deliberately choose to package all of our snack tomatoes in-house for our retail clients. This allows us to maintain short lines of communication, ensure the freshness of our products, and respond quickly to client questions. It also shortens the logistics chain and helps us reduce our carbon footprint.


Why buy Vitensa snack tomatoes?

  • Expert tomato growers
  • Mother Nature’s tastiest treats
  • Innovative concepts
  • Sustainable products
  • Super fresh!

Our snack tomatoes

Team spirit

Over the years, we have amassed a team of experts who make an invaluable contribution and help us get one step further every day. We have professionals in all of our departments who contribute to the further sustainability of our production process, creative sales concepts, and innovations.


'Our snack tomatoes are now proven to be grown using more environmentally friendly methods.'

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