Our values

We want our healthy vegetables to contribute to a more conscious lifestyle for young and old alike. Our mission is to grow the most delicious snack tomatoes and cherry tomatoes as sustainably as possible.


We strive for operational excellence in our organization, whereby reliability and customer satisfaction always come first and processes are optimized to produce a high-quality product for an affordable cost price. We grow our products sustainably and package them according to various international standards.



Our company started growing snack tomatoes in 2002, which is why we can confidently refer to ourselves as the leading expert in snack tomatoes. We always search for the best varieties in terms of both quality and flavour. Over the years, we have expanded our product range to include new flavours and colours. Being an expert means optimizing the cultivation technique and the way we approach people and the planet. In this regard, our industry is extremely dynamic and specialization is a prerequisite for sustainable growth.


Personal & flexible

We strive to maintain personal contact with our clients in order to optimally tailor our services to their needs. This approach allows us to ensure the flexible delivery of top-quality products. The packaging company is housed at the same location as our cultivation company, which makes us highly independent. We can meet the specific packaging needs of our retail clients and provide them with optimum service.


'Our snack tomatoes are Mother' Nature's treat'

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