People and planet

Attention and care for the environment is a high priority during the cultivation of our tomatoes. We are very conscious about the use of scarce resources, such as water and energy, and use these as economically as possible.

Organic crop protection

Vitensa uses organic crop protection as much as possible.

We use organic crop protection as much as possible and reuse drain water and the nutrients it contains as much as possible for our irrigation water. Most of our heat is generated by geothermal energy in order to reduce our use of fossil fuels as much as possible.

Organic cultivation

We value our employees

We value our employees and focus considerable attention on creating good working conditions. This is also because, ultimately, our employees play an important role in the success of our tomatoes.

Vitensa deliberately opts for long-term collaboration with its suppliers and clients. Our partnership with the Harvest House cooperative is a particularly important binding factor and plays a foundational role in our company.

Our employees

'We are expert tomato growers'

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