'We greatly value close collaboration'

At Vitensa, we greatly value close collaboration throughout the chain. We’ve entered into various partnerships for the sale and cultivation of our snack tomatoes and the generation of renewable energy.


Harvest House

We are part of the Harvest House cooperative, a leading fruit vegetable expert and therefore the best party to market our products.

Harvest House is one of the Netherlands’ largest growers’ associations specialising in fruit vegetables (tomatoes, sweet pepper, and cucumber). Founded by and for growers, the aim is to gain as much control of the chain as possible. The 69 participating experts have since grown to become leading producers of fruit vegetables in the Netherlands, not just through economy of scale but also through agricultural innovation and supply chain management. With a cultivation area of more than 889 hectares, much of which under artificial lighting, Harvest House growers are able to offer a varied and high-quality range of fruit vegetables all year round.

Harvest House

Cultivation company

Kwekerij de Vesting

This is a collaboration between Vitensa and Van Kester-Wijs, which also grows snack tomatoes. The company has 6.3 hectares of land and is located in Brielle. Their snack tomatoes are packaged by Vitensa.

Sustainable energy

Geothermal energy Vierpolders
Another important collaboration is our participation in Aardwarmte Vierpolders (geothermal energy Vierpolders), where together with nine other growers we managed to sustainably heat our greenhouses using a renewable resource.

Sustainable heat in Vierpolders

Packaged snack tomatoes for retailers

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